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About Little Asia

The charm, the colour, the vibrancy and the richness of Asia, captured in a four-floor, 30,000 sq.ft emporium, in the heart of Colombo’s sari shopping district...
Step into Little Asia, and let your senses indulge in an explosion of colour, texture and a rich range of fabrics that are the quintessence of Asian life. With textiles to suit any occasion and any person, Little Asia is a giant in textiles and clothing with years of experience in catering to every taste, whim and fancy of elegant Asian fashion. We even have a specialised sari unit with creations by top designers and brand names, and exquisite wedding saris; as well as accessories to match your clothes, all under one roof.
Like the richness of 6-yards of silk wrapped around you, the handsome silhouette of a sherwani, the cute and colourful dress of a child, quality and reliability are in each thread of the textiles we shave on offer.
What’s more we update the designs offered every season, and offer the widest palette of colours and designs available, which keeps our customers coming back to us.
Customer Service is in our core. Our customers delight in what we have to offer- the vibrancy of Asia captured in textile. And we delight in bringing the right product to the right customer – using our skill, competence and experience in the textile industry. Our customers are always treated to an experience of prompt service and individual attention at Little Asia, along with our renowned hospitality.

Take a look around our virtual store, and you will find any item to suit your needs.


Little Asia has been capturing the imagination of discerning clients in Sri Lanka, and more recently- worldwide, with our wide selection of Asian apparel and prompt and reliable customer service.
Established in 1997 by Mr. Rajamanikkam, an entrepreneur with a vision and taste in quality, beautiful clothing; Little Asia has propelled us to the top of the readymade apparel market with over a decade of experience in the textile trade.